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Project Management

Project Management is an integrated service in which our project managers responsibly carry out their tasks regarding project management and leadership. The project manager represents the interest of the client, reaches decisions in consultation with them, and implements all necessary measures exactly.


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Project leadership

Project leadership is the organisational unit on the customer’s side that assumes overall responsibility for the project. It guarantees that the necessary resources are made available, that there is appropriate project organization, and that customer consultants and representatives are involved. The project leadership / project director conducts negotiations with legally binding effect for the customer, makes decisions, implements necessary measures and executes contracts while safeguarding the rights and requirements of the customer. We are happy to perform these tasks for our customers.

Core elements of project leadership:

  • Making decisions
  • Enforcing necessary measures
  • Safeguarding the client’s rights and obligations
  • Achieving approvability
  • Conflict management
  • Chairing project meetings
  • Contract negotiations
  • Central point of contact
  • Taking necessary action
  • Project-related official duties
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Multi-Project Management / Portfolio Management

We understand multi-project management to be the organizational and procedural framework for initiating, planning and the higher-level monitoring and controlling of several individual projects within a defined overall context. Multi-project management can be organized for a project programme or a project portfolio. A programme has a defined scope with a start and a finish, whereas portfolio management is considered to be a more permanent task. The relationships and interdependencies in a programme are therefore usually much greater than in a portfolio.