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Turning visions into reality

This is our guiding principle. It’s also our slogan and our promise to our clients, partners and employees.

  • For successful projects and assignments of our clients.
  • For outstanding career opportunities for our employees.
  • For the future sustainability of our company.

Our success is based on trustworthy, honest communication and sustainable commercial behaviour – for more than 30 years.

Everyone at THOST – Partners, managers and colleagues – always act according to our values - fairly, honestly, reliably, trustworthily, and positively. Because we want to lead and mould our family-owned business both for the long term and independently. Each individual contributes to this, the realisation of our visions and the living of these values.

Our goal – your successful project.

Projects are our world. And this world is on the move. The dynamic development in technology and communication and the accompanying global networking is our chance to develop superior solutions and to decisively shape the future.

We deliver complex services in the management of demanding projects, processes and organisations. And our clients, whether private or public, domestic or international, are always at the heart of any of our actions.  It is our task to lead your project safely to successful completion.

Requirements for this are clear targets and priorities. And the skillful handling of risk and constant change.

Our strategy: Knowledge is changing the world

Innovation and development – that’s how we can secure the future. We rely on solid training, agile learning spaces, targeted training, cooperation and networking, knowledge exchange digitally and in person, openness instead of exclusion. To the advantage of our clients, for the qualification of our employees and to strengthen our competitive edge.


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More than 450 employees
17 branches
managing 325 Projects
THOST restructures its management board
Young family members joining the company
First foreign subsidiary in Russia, today 5 international subsidiaries
Transformation into a limited liability company (GmbH)
First branch office Berlin, until today 15 offices throughout Germany
Company foundation in Pforzheim
Our Company management
Management board
Oliver Badde
Oliver Badde
Operational management, Switzerland, Middle East, India
Michael Müller
Michael Müller
Administrative management, Human Ressources Director, Compliance
Andreas Spathelf
Andreas Spathelf
Operational management, Russia
Oliver Thost
Oliver Thost
IT Project Services management, Shareholder
Senior management
Mathias Heiser
Mathias Heiser
Real estate, Expert Services
Johannes Herth Anlagen
Johannes Herth Anlagen
Industrial Plants, Expert Services
Daniel Kiefer
Daniel Kiefer
International, Director Russia
Dieter Kraus
Dieter Kraus
Central Sales Manager
René Vetter
René Vetter
Innovation management
Group structure

Group structure

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Affiliated companies of THOST Projektmanagement GmbH

Standort Baden        THOST Projektmanagement Switzerland AG
Baden, Switzerland
7 1 9   OOO THOST Russia Projektmanagement
Moscow, Russia
Sky Tower Full Pic   THOST Project Management Middle East L.L.C.
Abu Dhabi, UAE
AdobeStock 3516549   THOST Project Management India Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, India
Breda von außen   THOST Project Management The Netherlands B.V.
Breda, The Netherlands


Affiliated companies of THOST Holding GmbH

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SCHOLZE-THOST GmbH Planning and Consulting

Through SCHOLZE-THOST, the THOST Group offers additional added value for customers of sophisticated real estate investment projects: Convincing competencies in consulting, planning and management of sophisticated investment projects - from a single source and over the entire life cycle of real estate. Your partner for the planning and operation of technical equipment and for integrated facility management. SCHOLZE-THOST offers a comprehensive portfolio of TA planning for hotels, administration, trade, logistics and industry up to innovative energy systems, simulations and digital planning and information systems (BIM).


Our Partners


Oracle Primavera
Oracle Prime
Fraunhofer- Institut IAO
Our memberships

Trade Associations

The exchange of knowledge and experience with partners is important for us – also via trade associations. We develop project management together, with a wide range of instruments, skills, services and legal parameters.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.
Deutscher Verband der Projektmanager
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.
BuildingSMART e.V.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung e.V.
Ostausschuss der deutschen Wirtschaft
Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e.V.
Association of European Businesses
Deutsch-Russische Auslandshandels-
Deutsche Emiratische Industrie- und Handelskammer
Deutsch-Indische Handelkammer
Deutsch Niederländische Handelskammer


We are committed to quality and we have the awards and certificates to prove it.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management
DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management
DIN EN ISO 45001:2018
Safety and health at work
audit berufundfamilie


Compliance with laws and regulations and the consistent rejection of any kind of corruption is our top priority and the basis for trustworthy cooperation – for the protection of our company, our clients and our employees.

We have anchored this identity into our corporate mission statement and thus defined a common understanding of values.  These values determine our actions.

Furthermore, we have developed our own Compliance Management System and central Compliance Policy which supports us in the implementation and maintenance of our values.




Quality policy

Principles of quality, environmental, safety and health policy

Outstanding quality and fully position of trust by the clients are crucial for the success and safeguarding the future of the company. Due to our performance we would like to offer our clients the highest benefit for long-term satisfaction. Therefore, we set special standards in project management.

Principles of quality, environmental, safety and health policy are:

  • Sustainable business development
  • Securing competitiveness
  • Leadership competence
  • Quality as a personally binding goal for all employees
  • Client benefit, added value for clients
  • Constant process improvement
  • Commitment to moral, legally conforming and ethical action
  • Engagement and personal commitment of all employees
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Securing knowledge in the company, demand-oriented training and personnel development for all employees
  • Compliance with relevant legal obligations / regulations, health and safety regulations and environmental standards
  • Promote employee qualification for safe / healthy behavior, mutual respect, trust, cooperative interaction and open communication
  • Environmental protection, responsible / sustainable interaction with natural resources
Our Commitment


We support the next generation. Not only our own trainees and young managers, but also students at numerous universities.

Logo KIT.svg     Hochschule Karlsruhe Logo     Hochschule PForzheimHBC.jobmesse HomepageHSA Logo horizontal

Since 2012 we have supported the nationwide Deutschlandstipendium (Germany grant) programme, and since 2015 the grant for the Technical University in Stuttgart. By doing this, we are promoting the next generation of engineers and, through our engagement, helping numerous students to be able to focus completely on their studies and guarantee their success. On top of that we offer them the possibility to make valuable contacts for their career.

Deutschland Stipendium  hft logo klein 1

In this way we pass a piece of our success onto the next generation and promote the talents of tomorrow.


Donations to non-profit organizations is a way in which THOST assumes social responsibility. We see diversity as an opportunity - to enable people to have diverse opportunities with social justice is the common denominator of THOST's commitment to society.

Signet Soz engagiert 2019


logo aegidiushaus

The Aegidius-Haus is a short-term care facility with the special premise that severely handicapped or seriously ill children and adolescents not only need care, but are basically eligible for support, irrespective of the severity of the illness or disability. The model project was developed conceptually in close cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Lower Saxony.

For more information: www.aegidius-haus.de

Emergency aid Indonesia

Aktion Deutschland Hilft Logo.svg

After the severe earthquake and subsequent tsunami on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, emergency aid experts from World Vision, an alliance organisation of "Aktion Deutschland Hilft", are on their way to Palu and remote regions to assess the situation and initiate emergency aid. Employees of the local office distribute food for small children. Several warehouses with relief supplies are located in the region.

More info: https://www.aktion-deutschland-hilft.de/de/hilfseinsaetze/erdbeben-tsunami-indonesien/erdbeben-tsunami-indonesien-fragen-antworten/

Sea Rescue Mediterranean Sea

Aktion Deutschland Hilft Logo.svg

For a life without violence, hunger and poverty, people accept life-threatening escape routes across the Mediterranean. The alliance organisations of "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" support civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean. It thus saves the lives of refugees in need at sea, takes them to a safe harbour and provides medical care for the sick and pregnant women.

More info: https://www.aktion-deutschland-hilft.de/de/hilfseinsaetze/seenotrettung-mittelmeer/

Animal Hope Bulgaria

animal hope

The team of "Animal Hope Bulgaria - Varna" has set itself the goal to help as many Bulgarian street animals as possible to health and above all to a safe, beautiful home.

More information: www.animal-hope-bulgaria-varna.de



The Auenhof in Neulingen offers fully inpatient living, training accommodation and outpatient assisted living for people with cognitive impairments. In the recognised workshop for people with disabilities (WfbM), workplaces are offered in various internal workshops, as well as care at outdoor workplaces. Part of the WfbM is a vocational training area as well as a support and care area.

More information: www.auenhof.org

Ärzte ohne Grenzen

MSF PaU 2019 Logo 72 RGB

THOST Project Management is partner company of Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. 2019. We support the worldwide medical emergency aid of the organisation in crisis and war zones and after natural disasters. Doctors Without Borders helps quickly, efficiently and unbureaucratically - without asking about the origin, religion or political convictions of the people affected. Doctors and nursing staff, midwives and logisticians from Doctors Without Borders work in around 70 countries. They treat sick and wounded people, take care of malnourished children and provide clean drinking water and latrines.

Further information can be found at: www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.de

Association of German Criminal Investigators

logo bdk schatten

The approach of the BDK is: help and education instead of punishment. With useful tips and approaches that can be implemented immediately, the association would like to help parents, educators and young people and take preventive action against youth violence. To be a part of this support THOST supports with an advertisement in the educational brochure "KRIPO-Tipps: Jugendgewalt" (Youth Violence), THOST supports the BDK's commitment to prevention and education.

More information: www.bdk.de

Bee Rescuers Education Project


The bee rescuer education project is much more than workshops on sustainability with children, adolescents and adults. The abstract term "sustainability" becomes tangible and understandable through the example of the situation of bees. Dependencies between environmental protection, social responsibility and economic action are conveyed and jointly reflected upon.

More information: www.bienenretter.de


Logo Brezelkinder ret

Brezelkinder e.V. has made it its mission to give sick children a little happiness. With the help of membership fees, donations and entrance fees of their carnival meetings, the association collects donations for children's clinics. But also our personal commitment during reading and playing hours on the wards gives many children joy. Joy that they need just as urgently for their recovery as medical treatment.

More information: www.brezelkinder.de

Eduaction & Health for Indonesia


The BUGI initiative works for a good education and health system in Indonesia with the aim of establishing an Indonesian population with equally distributed educational opportunities and health care. They have set themselves the goal of tackling problems such as child malnutrition, diseases and a lack of schooling and vocational training.

More information: www.bugi-ev.org

Das bunte Haus

das bunte haus

"Das bunte Haus" is a youth welfare institution that helps young people to find their place in society. The name of the institution refers to the intercultural character of its residents and staff. Young people with different biographies, different abilities and needs are cared for.

More information: www.dasbunte.haus

PONTIS Integration Pilot Project

csm diakonie logo neue farben d5272b7417

The PONTIS pilot project supports migrants in Munich's districts 11 and 24 in finding suitable social assistance systems and, if desired, provides assistance to authorities and institutions.
The pilot team offers help with all questions of daily life and supports in the search for further authorisation possibilities, suitable childcare, language courses and much more.

More info: www.diakonie-hasenbergl.de/kultur-migration/lotsenprojekt-pontis.html

Language and Learning Support for socially disadvantaged Children

csm diakonie logo neue farben d5272b7417

Diakonie Hasenbergl in Munich offers language and learning opportunities for socially disadvantaged children. Voluntary tutors support children from migrant families in particular by providing needs-oriented education. The team complements the school curriculum by also focusing on language support. The aim is to make a contribution to equal opportunities in education.

More info: www.diakonie-hasenbergl.de

Elisabethstift Berlin


The Elisabethstift is one of the oldest child and youth welfare institutions in Berlin Brandenburg. Here children in need and their families are taken in, given recognition and protection with the aim of enabling them to lead independent lives.

More information: www.elisabethstift-berlin.de

Association for children with cancer in Essen

essener elterninitiative

In Essen the Parents' Initiative supports the families of children with cancer before, during and after treatment. During their child's illness, many parents no longer have the strength to take care of everyday things - small and large worries are shared and problems solved.
The parents' house of the initiative is available to the affected families in the immediate vicinity of the University Hospital Essen.

More information: www.krebskranke-kinder-essen.de

Association of the Oncological Department of the Children's Hospital Karlsruhe

FUoKK eV qua

The association is a supporter of the oncology department of the Children's Hospital Karlsruhe and helps out wherever there is a lack of public funds. The FUoKK supports the department in every respect in its efforts to provide the best possible care for the little patients. Together they guarantee that the achieved standard of oncology will be maintained and further developed.

More info: www.fuokk.de

Future Citizen

future citizen

The children's support organisation "Future Citizen" supports disadvantaged and needy children from the village of Jiri in Nepal. It is their concern to offer these children a safe and loving home and to give them the key to a better future through education. The aid organisation focuses on the three core elements: transparency, familiarity and sustainability.

More info: www.future-citizen.org

Support Association for Children suffering from Cancer in Cologne

fvkk logo

The support association for children suffering from cancer in Cologne has set itself the task of making the lives of children and their families easier, more colourful and more hopeful. They established a support group where parents whose children were or are suffering from cancer pass on their own experiences and help parents who are currently affected.

More info: www.krebskrankekinder-koeln.de

Listeners help children

Hoerer helfen Kindern e.V. charity item tile

Together with Radio Hamburg, the non-profit association "Listeners help children" has dedicated itself to child and youth welfare. The money collected through donations is distributed to sick and handicapped children, to the youngest in need and to charitable institutions for children and young people in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony.

More info: www.hoerer-helfen-kindern.de

International Rescue

International Rescue Committee logo

IRC (International Rescue Committee) assists people affected by war and crisis to ensure their survival and the reconstruction of their existence. With the aim of soothing suffering and ensuring conditions for a life of dignity and hope, the International Rescue Committee provides life-saving assistance to refugees and supports around 23 million people annually in over 40 countries worldwide.

More info: www.irc-deutschland.org

Jung & Krebs e.V.

jung und krebs

With community actions and self-help groups, "Jung und Krebs" helps young people who were confronted with cancer at an early age and have undergone difficult times in therapy. According to the motto: "You are not alone out there", the association motivates the young patients to fight together against cancer and for life.

More info: www.jung-und-krebs.de

Child Protection Association Essen

kinderschutzbund essen

The German Child Protection Association (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Essen) is a non-profit, charitable, non-party political and non-denominational association that offers help to needy and disadvantaged girls and boys in Essen. With the aim of implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Germany, the association offers specific help for children and teenagers and their families.

More info: www.dksb-essen.de

Child Protection Association Cologne

logo kinderschutzbund koeln kinderschutzzentrum

The Cologne Child Protection Association is committed to improving the living conditions of children and young people, parents and families in Cologne. Its work focuses on providing help for children and parents in serious family crises, especially when children are threatened or affected by violence.

More info:  www.kinderschutzbund-koeln.de



Miloserdie is an orthodox emergency service. The organisation supports 27 institutions in and around Moscow where people in need can find a roof over their heads. Its mission is to help those most in need, to ease their suffering, to improve the quality of life in the stations and to come closer to God through the ministry of mercy.

More info (Russian only): www.miloserdie.help

PLAN International

Plan Logo

PLAN International is a religiously and ideologically independent aid organization that is committed to the opportunities and rights of children worldwide. Efficient, transparent and intelligent, it works in over 70 partner countries for sustainable community development, improvement of living conditions and equal rights for girls and women.

More info: www.plan.de

Children's Hospice Regenbogenland


The children's and youth hospice " Regenbogenland" is a place where families with a terminally ill child find peace and support. Within the framework of hospice care, the facility helps the affected families to spend as much time as possible with their child.

More info: www.kinderhospiz-regenbogenland.de

Rote Nasen Deutschland e.V.

logo rotenasen

RED NOSES is an artistic organization that brings laughter and the joy of life to sick and suffering people. In Germany, RED NOSES has been an integral part of many renowned health facilities and clinics. Currently, 30 RED NOSE clowns give happy moments to around 35,000 people every year during regular clown visits.

More info: www.rotenasen.de

Seal Sanctuary National Park House


In the "Seal Sanctuary National Park House" young seals that have been separated from their mothers are temporarily given a new home. A team of professionals and volunteers raise the orphaned seals until they are brought back to the North Sea where they can survive. Together with the marine mammals, exhibitions will demonstrate the importance of the Wadden Sea environment.

More info: www.seehundstation-norddeich.de

Sterneninsel Children's and Youth Hospice

Sterneninsel logo normal

The Sterneninsel team cares for and accompanies terminally ill children and adolescents. With affection and love, the team helps those affected and their relatives to cope with great psychological stress and to organise their everyday lives, which are usually determined by the needs of the sick person. The care is age-appropriate and is based on the individual needs of the children.

More info: www.sterneninsel.com

Straßen Engel e.V. 


The association "Straßen Engel" is a charitable association for old and homeless people in need and thus complements the work of the public authorities in an honorary capacity. Regardless of social background and biography, the house of "Straßen Engel" serves as a meeting place, contact point and support centre for those in need.

More info: www.strassenengel.org

Animal Shelter Pforzheim

tierheim pforzheim neu 2018

The animal shelter in Pforzheim focuses on the admission, care and placement of found animals.
Other tasks of the Animal Protection Society are to spread the idea of animal protection and to awaken understanding for the nature of animals through education, instruction and a good example, to promote their well-being and to prevent cruelty to animals.

More info: www.tierheim-pforzheim.de

Vesperkirche Pforzheim

Jedes Jahr zur kalten Jahreszeit setzt die Pforzheimer Vesperkirche für vier Wochen ein Zeichen gegen Armut und für die Würde eines jeden Menschen. Sie öffnet ihre Türen und bietet Menschen, die bedürftig sind und/oder auf der Straße leben einen Ort an dem Menschen, Versorgung, Beratung, Hilfe und Gemeinschaft finden.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier: www.pforzheimervesperkirche.de

Wildlife Park Pforzheim


With its near-natural enclosures and the keeping of Central European wild animals in species-appropriate social groups, the wildlife park in Pforzheim is one of the most unusual wildlife parks in southern Germany. With the wild animals as ambassadors for their fellow wild animals, the Pforzheim Wildlife Park is very committed to nature and species conservation.

More info: www.wildpark-pforzheim-foerderverein.de

Wir für pänz

wir fur panz

For over 25 years, "Wir für pänz" has been caring for families with children who are disadvantaged by chronic illnesses, disabilities or developmental delays and/or poverty. The aim of the association is to support and enable children and families to cope increasingly independently with difficult life situations through early and preventive help.

More info: www.wir-fuer-paenz.de

Association "Wundertüte"


The aim of the non-profit association "Wundertüte" is to support children in need at home and abroad. In specific terms, this means the direct financial or material support of smaller children's aid projects, in which the association can ensure that donations in goods and money benefit the children directly or in full.

More info: www.wundertuete.eu