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Perfected production processes

Suppliers from China supply the parts to be assembled in Ankara: shaped by the production processes, car production projects are getting increasingly international and complex.  And where complexity and innovative technology meet high standards in terms of availability, economy, commissioning and maintenance, individual systems and methods are required. Professional project management helps car manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide achieve their goals.

Sector expertise


We have in-depth sector knowledge – with our broad service portfolio we will support your individual project with a high level of technical skill and consultancy expertise as well as offer a variety of expert services to complement our standard project management services.

Sector expertise

Selected references

provide exemplary insights into the diversity of projects as parts of a broad spectrum of experience. Further references on request under info@thost.de.

West expansion 35UP - BMW plant 02.40 Dingolfing

As part of the 35UP project, BMW’s largest and most extensive plant expansion in Germany took place with a significant enlargement of the west of the plant on previously undeveloped land.


Construction and conversion Rastatt
Construction and conversion in a car plant in Rastatt. The complete construction takes place during active operation.
Motor factory expansion Kölleda

Expansion of a factory with two assembly halls with an energy building.  Social and adjoining rooms are part of the assembly hall.

Factory expansion Leipzig
Expansion of a factory location in Leipzig in multiple phases with expansion to a “full-scale plant“ through extensive new construction measures, in particular a pressing facility, a body shop and a paint shop. Additionally, existing buildings were adapted and converted to the enhanced requirements.
Production facility construction Heilbronn

Construction of an operational facility for the relocation of the production of a model as well as the creation of additional logistics space. The focus of the project lay in cost control to create reliable cost statements and forecasts. 

Construction of a technology production hall Ditzingen

Construction of a production hall and office building. The individual and open plan offices offer enough space for a new innovative office environment. 

Production and office building Ufa Russland

Construction of a functional, ambitious city centre production building for dental technology with high architectural demands. The challenges of a city centre plot in cramped surroundings and the production relationship to existing buildings had to be solved.

Process facility construction Ingolstadt

Construction of a 9 floor process facility with a total surface area of 70,000m2 in the automotive branch.

Intermediate floor installation Zuffenhausen

Creation of additional logistics space through the installaton of an intermediate level in an existing multifunctional hall. The construction work was carried out during active operation while complying with the highest requirements to avoid damage and contamination of stored parts and structural elements below the new intermediate level.

Paint shop construction Zuffenhausen

Construction of a paint shop in the automotive branch. The paint shop is connected by bridge to the production area.


Porsche branded pavillion in the “Autostadt“ of Wolfsburg

porsche pavillon 2

Construction of a branded pavillion for Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG on the premises of “Autostadt“ Wolfsburg. Planning and realisation took place under the highest demands regarding costs and deadlines, as well as specific requirements regarding design and construction.

Driving and demonstration area Neuburg a. d. Donau

Construction of a driving and demonstration area with the focus on customer appeal and motor sport. Alongside the necessary infrastructure and different buildings,  an approx. 3km long handling course, an off-road track as well as an energy centre were realised.


Electric powertrain for aircraft

Development of a hybrid powertrain with performance and weight optimised components inc. E-motor, generator, convertor, battery, steering and cooling system.  Conceptual design for a 2-seater aircraft until test readiness.  

Electric powertrains for cars

The EU-funded project MotorBrain consists of a consortium of 31 European partners from 9 nations. The target is to make the complete powertrain from the battery and motor to the transmission on the wheels 20 percent more effective and to increase range. New more energy efficient components should be developed which meet high safety standards yet are also cost-effective to produce and recyclable.

Development centre construction, Neuburg a. d. Donau

Realisation of an aerodynamic sport wind tunnel for passenger and sports vehicles. In addition to the wind tunnel there is a development centre with all the necessary rooms and workshops.

Renovation of a development centre, Weissach

Conversion and modernisation of an existing power train testing site.

New test drive premises, Weissach

Construction of a test drive premises with 18 testing stations, workshops, storage areas and social areas as well as an office building with 500 workplaces.


Reference project Porsche

Porsche brand pavilion in the Autostadt Wolfburg Germany

The new construction of the Porsche brand pavilion in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg is intended to make the historical ties between Porsche and Volkswagen and the values and philosophy of the traditional Porsche sports car brand tangible and tangible for visitors to the automotive theme park. Construction started in 08/2011 and the official opening took place on 12.06.2012.

The project is characterized by a staged concept, coupled with an innovative and currently unique sculptural construction method. This resulted in the high complexity of the project with a sophisticated control and coordination of all project participants to meet the quality requirements and the extremely tight cost and time frame.

autostadt-porsche-pavillon autostadt-porsche-pavillon


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