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Joint research project Office 21

Partnership | 06.11.2017

The target of this project is the early identification of current and future developments in the world of work and the development of concrete options for the successful design and implementation of new working environments in companies.

THOST is actively involved and at the forefront of identifying the most up-to-date academic research relevant to the future of our market.  Because together with its research partners, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial engineering is developing practical scenarios, concepts and methods which meet the requirements for the sustainable design of our working and living environment. The project focuses on improving communication, concentration, well-being, productivity, motivation, creativity and innovation.  On the basis of this, concrete solutions are outlined for the further development of our own business and also for the development of products and services for our clients in all areas of work in the future.

At the moment the project is occupied with the question: how will office and knowledge work develop in the future? A question that plays a key role at THOST, both during consultancy with our clients as well as during the planning and design of our own office spaces NewWork@THOST in Pforzheim.