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Balthasar-Neumann Prize: Award for the new Technical Town Hall in Freiburg

Award | 12.06.2018

The Balthasar Neumann Prize honors the exemplary, innovative cooperation of various disciplines on a building which goes beyond technically established standards.

In addition to the prize, awards are also presented to projects which have been realised in a very special way through interdisciplinary cooperation. The new Technical Town Hall in Freiburg has received this award, which is presented only every two years.

In this project, THOST Project Management, with its successful, comprehensive project management services and selected project management tasks, has enabled approx. 830 employees of the City of Freiburg to build a new administrative centre with modern premises. The new Technical Town Hall is worldwide known as the "first public net plus energy building". THOST advised the client on the subject of sustainability and participated in the funding measure in the area of "Energy efficiency in the building sector and energy-optimised construction".

A warm thank-you goes to the entire project and planning team, which was actively involved in the project and made a significant contribution to the award.


Rathaus Freiburg    Bild Balthasar Neumann Preis 01